Coaching Works - Here's Why

Everyone is different, and CBD is not one size fits all. Factors like age, gender, metabolism, hormones, and medications can affect how your body absorbs and uses CBD. Working with Amanda eliminates the guessing game by  closely tracking your ideal CBD profile through genetic testing and a closely monitored 90 Day Program.

Benefits of Coaching

Save Money

Don't waste hundreds, even thousands of dollars trying products that may or may not work. Get a personalized product list based on your ailments and goals

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Feel Better Faster

If you're interested in CBD Coaching, then that means you're probably suffering physically or mentally.  We understand, and we want to get you feeling better as soon as possible. Coaching gets you there faster.

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VIP Membership Club

Your 90 Day Coaching Package also includes a 1 Year Membership to our VIP CBD Club where you will receive 15% off all your CBD products, any time.